GM Recall Information




1. How can I tell if my vehicle has been involved in a recall?
To determine if your vehicle is involved in a recall, type your VIN in the field above. Once entered, any recall repairs that have not been completed on your vehicle will be displayed. GM notifies customers of affected vehicles in writing after a recall announcement. GM works to quickly identify affected vehicles and notify owners. Once GM has identified the affected vehicles, those vehicle VINs are loaded onto this site. This process can take several days, but in rare cases it may take longer. Even if your vehicle doesn't appear here, please check this website at a later date if you believe your vehicle may be involved in a recently announced recall.

2. If I haven't received a recall letter in the mail, is there still a possibility that my vehicle has been involved in a recall?
Yes. The vehicle specific information related to a recently announced recall may not be available at the time of the announcement. Recalls are issued by VIN and may not apply to every vehicle manufactured within a model year. There are multiple factors that determine if a VIN will be included in a given recall. For example, your vehicle could have been manufactured at a different time, in a different manufacturing facility or using different parts than those involved in the recalls.

3. I still have questions. Who should I contact?

It is recommended that you contact your preferred Certified Service Dealer or authorized Saab service centre and discuss your concerns with a member of the management team. Ultimately, they will be responsible for completing the recall repairs for your vehicle.
If your concerns are still unresolved after contacting your preferred Certified Service Dealer or authorized Saab service centre, please refer to the list of contact centres below. Call for recall assistance Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. EST, Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.

4.Where can I find more information about GM recalls?